Pro2Pro April 2020

From the Desk of Tony Schultz

Ready for rebates? The Zoëcon team and I are excited to announce our all-new 2020 rebate program with lots of opportunities to save. We’ve also created a new digital submission option on our website, so turning in rebate forms is easier than ever.
Mark your calendars because April is the time to save on Gentrol® Aerosols! For the month of April, save $3 per can of Gentrol® Aerosols and enjoy effective control over pests including roaches, stored product pests, drain flies, fruit flies, bed bugs, and more. Check out our new rebate page on our website to learn more about current rebates and to get updates on upcoming opportunities to save.

Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother My Clients

Having a fly infestation in a home can really take its toll on any homeowner. It’s easy to spot a fruit and drain fruit fly infestation in a kitchen since mature adults will be visible. Because drain flies aren’t great flyers, you can find them resting on walls and ceilings. Treat drain flies at their preferred breeding site, drains and pipes. For fruit flies, remove any old or decaying fruits, vegetables, alcohol, and meat before you begin treatment.

Regularly treat these fruit and drain fly breeding sites with Gentrol® IGR Concentrate or Gentrol® Aerosol. Prevent these insects from entering into the home by refilling drain traps and properly sealing plumbing fixtures. The Gentrol® product line delivers responsible solutions in food handling areas and uses IGR technology to prevent future reinfestation and callbacks for drain and fruit flies. After treating a kitchen for flies, finish the job by leaving behind fly traps such as the insecticide-free Musca-Stik™ Sticky Fly Trap or the Starbar EZ Trap®.

For more treatment and identification tips for treating a drain or fruit fly infestation, download our new Fly poster.

Want a printed version? Contact your sales representative to receive our Fly Poster.