5 Tips for PMPs to Connect with Customers

Over the past year and a half, COVID-19 has changed much about our indoor interactions, including residential calls for pest management professionals (PMPs). During the most uncertain times of COVID-19, many customers were understandably nervous about inviting people into their homes, even for roach and ant control. “No-contact” pest control took off as many relied on perimeter treatments.

As summer 2021 draws to a close, some customers across the United States are more comfortable with PMP residential visits than they were at this time last year. Others are still being cautious depending on the virus threat in their area. Despite the uncertainty of the pandemic, our need for insect control has not changed. Make sure your PMPs are prepared to handle residential visits professionally and efficiently with a few tips:

  1. Take a Moment to Listen: Not only have many people been stuck at home without much interaction since spring of 2020, but insect problems can be grueling and frustrating under any circumstances. Taking a moment to listen to the customer makes all the difference, and makes your service stand out.
  2. Communicate Clearly & Avoid Industry Jargon: Letting customers know what the problem is and how to solve it in straightforward language helps build trust and understanding. If a customer understands how an infestation happened, this can also limit callbacks.
  3. Smile! It sounds corny, but a smile and a friendly face can go a long way toward turning an effective residential visit into a great visit with a satisfied customer.
  4. Remind Customers About Product Safety: Make sure each customer knows the safety protocols surrounding the treatment products you’re using, especially if they have small children or pets.
  5. Keep Up to Date on the Latest Pest Control Trends and Literature: Customers have had a lot of time to do their own research. Stay updated on cutting edge products and processes to share the latest information.

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