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  • Gentrol® Complete Aerosol

    Gentrol® Complete Aerosol combines an IGR and an insecticide to break the insect life cycle, for quick relief that prevents future infestations.

  • Gentrol® Complete EC3

    Designed for food handling establishments, Gentrol® Complete EC3 is a broad-spectrum insecticide for quick knockdown and lasting control over kitchen pests.

  • Gentrol® Aerosol

    With a translocating active ingredient, Gentrol® Aerosol provides effective control in hard-to-treat areas, including kitchen pest control, by preventing pest larvae and nymphs from maturing.

  • Gentrol® IGR Concentrate

    Gentrol® IGR Concentrate provides professionals with flexibility when treating roach infestations, drain and fruit flies, stored product pests and bed bugs.

  • Gentrol® Point Source Roach Control Device

    Offering 90 days of roach control in a non-spray format, Gentrol Point Source® is a great option for roaches in kitchens and food handling establishments.