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Gentrol® Complete Aerosol

Active Ingredients: 0.36% (S)-Hydroprene, 0.05% Lambda-Cyhalothrin
EPA Reg. #89459-84

Gentrol® Complete Aerosol combines an insect growth regulator and an insecticide to break the life cycle of cockroaches, fruit flies, and drain flies. This product saves on labor costs by providing knockdown and kill with residual control to prevent future infestations.

  • Approved for use in sensitive areas
  • Formulated with an insecticide and IGR to provide easy, one step control
  • Active ingredient, (S)-hydroprene breaks the insect life cycle and prevent rebound infestations
  • Low odor
Ants (excluding fire ants, pharaoh ants, and harvester ants), carpet beetles, German cockroaches, crickets, drain flies, earwigs, firebrats, flour beetles, fruit flies, pillbugs, silverfish, sowbugs, spiders (excluding black widow and brown recluse spiders), stored product pests (Indian meal moths, rice moths, tobacco moths, red flour beetles, confused flour beetles, lesser grain borers, merchant grain beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, warehouse beetles, cigarette beetles, and Dermestid beetles) in buildings and structures and on modes of transport.
Apartment buildings, homes, hospitals, nursing homes, grocery stores, hotels, industrial buildings, laboratories, mausoleums, motels, private residences, schools, stores, utilities, warehouses, in food and non-food areas of restaurants, food manufacturing, processing, and servicing establishments, and on vessels, rail cars, buses, trucks and trailers, recreational vehicles.
Apply as a crack and crevice or spot treatment to areas where these pests crawl and hide, especially on hidden surfaces.


Gentrol Family Brochure

Gentrol Family Brochure

Zoecon Kitchen Protocol

Kitchen Pest Control Protocol

Gentrol Complete Aerosol Commercial Kitchen Testimonial

Gentrol® Complete Aerosol Commercial Kitchen Testimonial

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