German cockroaches (or German roaches) are a widely troublesome species known for occupying buildings, restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels, and institutional establishments such as nursing homes. From properly identifying this type of cockroach to learning where it is most commonly found, this information can go a long way in helping you determine the right cockroach control product for each of your customers. The Gentrol® product line from Zoëcon® offers a variety of roach control solutions, with the active ingredient and applications necessary for quick knockdown and lasting control that can prevent future cockroach infestations. Learn more about the pest and the different ways you can treat for German cockroaches with the information provided below.
  • German cockroach size: 1/2 to 5/8 inches long
  • Color: Light brown
  • Other distinctive features: Wings (but they can’t fly), two black lines from the head to the wings, wide and flat body
  • Females produce up to 380 eggs during life
  • Produces egg capsule containing up to 48 eggs every 6 weeks
  • From egg to reproductive adult in roughly 54 - 215 days dependent upon temperature and humidity.
  • Active at night
  • Forage for food and water
  • Eat all types of human food and pet food
  • Anywhere food is stored
  • Shelter under/behind sinks and cabinets, holes in walls, around appliances, nooks and crannies
  • Dark, warm environments
  • Garbage/refuse areas
  • Indoors or outdoors
  • Roach droppings/dark specs
  • If seen foraging during the day, population is likely large
  • As population grows, more are forced out of shelter
  • Overflowing population in one location
  • Food safety violations
  • Carry bacteria and viruses
  • Can cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and dysentery
  • Allergic reaction can include skin rashes, congestion, watery eyes, and asthma
  • Strong odor
Zoecon Active Ingredients S-hydroprene

How Roach IGRs Work

Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) prevent insects from completing their normal development to the adult stage. For insects with gradual metamorphosis, such as cockroaches and bed bugs, the impact is on the last nymphal instar, causing adults to have twisted wings (cockroaches), darkened cuticles, and non-functional reproductive organs. Gentrol® products contain the IGR (S)-hydroprene which is a synthetic copy of a naturally occurring insect biochemical. The Gentrol® product line works as an effective roach IGR by preventing the nymphs from developing into reproductively functioning adults.

Roach Control Products

Using IGR technology with the translocating active ingredient (S)-hydroprene, Gentrol® products are an insurance policy to prevent future reinfestations and callbacks for cockroaches with formulations designed to reach the variety of areas where roaches hide.

Gentrol® IGR Concentrate

Ideal for treating roaches in hard-to-reach areas, Gentrol® IGR Concentrate provides professionals the flexibility required for uniform applications across multiple sites.

Zoecon Gentrol Aerosol

Gentrol® Aerosol

Approved for kitchen pest control treatments, Gentrol® Contact Aerosol gives professionals a roach insecticide that's simple and ready-to-use for a variety of indoor infestation sites.

Zoecon Gentrol Complete

Gentrol® Complete Aerosol

Combining an IGR and an insecticide, Gentrol® Complete Aerosol can help save on labor costs by providing knockdown with residual control to prevent future cockroach infestations.

Zoecon Gentrol Point Source

Gentrol® Point Source

This discreet, non-spray roach control device features the insect growth regulator, (S)-hydroprene, for up to 90 days of cockroach control.

Gentrol Complete EC3 Product Image

Gentrol® Complete EC3

Designed for food-handling establishments, Gentrol® Complete EC3 features a Multi-Rate Formulation to tackle all levels of a kitchen infestation. It provides quick knockdown and lasting control over cockroaches and other listed pests.


We’ve made all of this information easier to print and share with our German Cockroach Poster, Gentrol® Family Brochure, and Gentrol® Bulletin. Simply download and print out to provide your team with the information needed to offer sound advice and treatment recommendations for your customers. We’ve also made an informational video about the active ingredient found in the Gentrol® line of products, (S)-hydroprene— watch it here. 

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