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  • Altosid® Briquets (PCO Pack)

    Highly effective slow-release briquets that stop larval development in active mosquito breeding sites for up to 30 days of control.

  • Altosid® Liquid Larvicide Mosquito Growth Regulator

    A liquid larvicide control that prevents the emergence of biting adult mosquitos. It can also be used as a pretreatment on potential breeding sites.

  • Altosid® Pro-G

    A granular mosquito larvicide that prevents the emergence of biting adult mosquitos for up to 30 days in standing water. Perfect for backyard control.

  • Antack™ Liquid Ant Bait

    Antack™ Liquid Ant Bait works by exciting the ant’s nervous system, leading to involuntary muscle contractions, tremors, and finally paralysis and death.

  • EcoPCO® ACU Insecticide

    A natural insect spray made for quick knockdown of pests including bed bugs and fleas. Safe for use in sensitive areas including the kitchen.

  • EcoPCO® AR-X Multi-Purpose Insecticide

    A natural, reduced-risk aerosol spray designed to control a broad spectrum of insects in sensitive areas including homes, restaurants and hospitals.

  • ExciteR™

    ExciteR™ insecticide is a synergized pyrethroid that's ideal as a tank mix. This insecticide synergist can be used for indoor and outdoor pest control.

  • ExciteR™ 55

    Featuring synergized pyrethrins designed to kill fleas, ants, ticks and more, this versatile aerosol offers flexible usage and fast acting results.