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  • Mavrik® Perimeter

    Mavrik® Perimeter is a mosquito barrier treatment that also knocks down a variety of other insects without harming ornamental plants or shrubbery.

  • Lambda 9.7 CS

    Lambda 9.7 CS provides residual control for backyard mosquito control, kitchen pest control and food handling pest control. Get Lambda pest control.

  • Starbar® Captivator® Fly Trap

    Heavy-duty, reusable fly trap that locks flies in with its one-way entry system and kills them immediately after ingestion.

  • Starbar® Golden Malrin® Fly Bait

    Easy and dependable fly scatter bait that kills flies immediately after ingestion. Ideal for use in industrial, commercial and agricultural settings.

  • Starbar® Fly Terminator® Pro

    Designed to withstand nature's elements, this powerful insecticide-free fly trap offers easy installation for long-lasting fly control.

  • Starbar EZ® Trap

    An insecticide-free solution that contains no harmful chemicals and traps more than three times the amount of flies than traditional sticky fly traps.

  • Starbar® Fly Bait Station

    A trusted fly bait station for both warehouse and dumpster fly control. This highly-effective solution can be used with all fly control scatter baits.

  • Starbar® Trap 'N Toss™

    Disposable fly trap solution ideal for use wherever flies are a problem. When the fly catcher is full of flies, just toss it out.