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  • Meet the Molecules That Started It All

    Zoëcon Professional Products provides information about (S)-hydroprene and (S)-methoprene, the molecules that are active ingredients in a number of products.

  • Central to Insect Control

    As the pioneers of IGR technology, the Zoëcon team is proud to provide unmatched services as part of the Central Life Sciences legacy of innovation.

  • Zenprox® Wasp-X® 2 Spray In Action

    Watch and learn what happened when one of our Zoëcon Beta Testers put Zenprox® Wasp-X®2 Spray to the test.

  • Professional Roach Control

    The Gentrol® family is a proven arsenal of products that reduce callbacks and prevent future infestations of cockroaches, bed bugs, drain and fruit flies, stored product pests and more.

  • Roach IGR

    Gentrol® products boast a low toxicity profile, allowing customers to feel at ease when treating sensitive areas with cockroach infestations and other nuisance pests.

  • Commercial Kitchen Pest Control

    Ideal for immediate suppression of drain flies, fruit flies and German cockroaches, these products and protocols will help control infestations in restaurants and commercial kitchens.

  • The Zoecon (S)-Hydroprene Molecule

    Learn how (S)-hydroprene, the core of the Gentrol Product line works.

  • Flea & Tick Control | The Precor® Family

    Offered in a range of formulations, the Precor® lineup provides sustained control against flea and tick infestations, allowing you to do more with less and reduce call backs.