Professional Roach Control

The Gentrol® family of products offers an indispensable, proven arsenal that reduces callbacks. Known for reliable cockroach pest control products, the Gentrol® line is also used as an insurance policy to prevent future reinfestations and callbacks for drain and fruit flies, bed bugs, stored product pests and more.

Developed by the makers of Zoëcon® products, (S)-hydroprene is an insect growth regulator (IGR) that controls insects by interfering with normal development. This IGR stunts pest growth, preventing reproduction. The translocating active ingredient covers hard-to-reach locations to give you and your clients peace of mind knowing protection is present, no matter where it is applied.

The Gentrol® product line works on bed bugs and cockroach infestations by preventing the nymphs from developing into reproductively functioning adults. Electron microscopy shows that in treated cockroaches and bed bugs, the organs responsible for normal copulation and reproduction do not develop. Often used as a roach IGR for several types of cockroaches, Gentrol® products offer protection from German roaches, American cockroaches and oriental cockroaches. Additional pests controlled include drain flies, fruit flies, bedbugs, and stored product pests.

Gentrol® products come in a variety of formulations, from a concentrate to use as a surface cockroach spray or in crack-and-crevice applications, to combination aerosols that include a roach insecticide.