Meet the Molecules That Started It All

Reducing callbacks and reinfestations has always been our primary goal, and we’re proud to provide professionals with the tools they need to get the job done right the first time.

Our videos below provide insight into two of our pioneering significant active ingredients, (S)-hydroprene and (S)-methoprene. Watch each video to learn more about the IGRs that launched the Zoëcon® product line, and then scroll down to read more about each active ingredient.



(S)-Methoprene was developed to control insects by interrupting critical development periods, preventing growth and/or maturation. In some insects, it affects eggs or female fecundity.



Developed as a companion product to (S)-methoprene, (S)-hydroprene passed EPA registration requirements in 1983. Originally designed to fight cockroaches, this active ingredient has been proven effective on bed bugs as well as fruit and drain flies. (S)-hydroprene has the unique ability to translocate. It is heavier than air and will move on air currents to penetrate deep into pest harborage areas.