Product Knowledge is Power: 3 PMP Research Tips

For pest control business owners, it’s imperative to possess a strong knowledge and expertise over the professional pest products that are being used. From learning about the different types of insects controlled to becoming familiar with different application sites and methods, doing your due diligence on each product before adding them to your control options will grant you the knowledge to choose the right products for your customers. A thorough understanding of the products you’re utilizing can also go a long way in building trust with your customers and protecting your bottom line. Read on to learn about three things to look for when choosing professional pest control products.

1. The Who and Where

Odds are, many of the products you come across will list a variety of insects along with numerous approved treatment sites. Providing broad spectrum control is always a plus, as your customers may feel more comfortable with a product that can be applied in more places while controlling a larger number of pests. However, keep in mind that while many products state they offer broad spectrum control, performance may vary. The old saying “jack of all trades” comes to mind. Brands with a long established positive reputation for long-term control of the targeted insects in the market place have achieved such for a reason.

2. Safety Guides and Protocols

Safety is paramount in professional pest control, so be sure to take advantage of the various educational resources found on your prospective products’ website. Look for downloadable SDS and labels, application protocols, product brochures and other guides so that you can feel confident about the products you’re providing. Whether your customer is looking for an eco-friendly outdoor application or something they can trust inside around pets and children, your knowledge of vital facts such as product toxicity and safety precautions will go a long way in providing the right solution for every customer.

3. Know Your Active Ingredients

A product’s active ingredients are one of the most important things to note when choosing a professional pest control solution. Learning how each active ingredient works and being able to relay that information clearly to your customer base is essential. Zoëcon recently created a video about the active ingredient (s)-hydroprene, the core of its Gentrol® product line. Watch the video below to see how we’ve turned this information into a fun, digestible piece of information for both pest management professionals and their customers.