How To Use Transparency When Promoting Green Services for Pest Control

Green or natural-based products have gained a significant share in the pest control industry, but there remains several misconceptions. The Zoëcon team is here to address three of the biggest misconceptions seen in the field to hep you promote green services.

Effectiveness of Natural Products.Most natural pest control products feature active ingredients that have effectively controlled insects for centuries. These plant-based active ingredients provide PMPs with the flexibility to treat sensitive areas that traditional pesticides normally can’t. The majority of natural products also offer versatility with multiple application methods, from perimeter and spot treatments to fogging agents.

Client demand versus selling customers on green products.Though adoption of green pesticides continues to grow, most of that use is driven by clients requesting these services. According to the 2018 “PCT State of the Green Market” study, nearly 60% of PMPs use natural products in fewer than 10% of all applications. More often than not, this is because PMPs are expecting client resistance. Growing awareness and concern over the health of our environment has brought more attention to the use of green products.

Educating through communication.In today’s age of technology, finding new information and connecting with like-minded individuals and professionals has never been easier.

By learning the truth behind these misconceptions, PMPs can position themselves to take advantage of the growth in green product pest control. Here are five strategies on how to incorporate green services into your business strategy.

1. Continually Educate Your Technicians and Customers. As green products and protocols continue to evolve, it’s important for your technicians and customers to understand how your green program is different from traditional treatments and what the benefits are.

2. Engage Customers in IPM Activities. Empower customers to do their part in protecting their families and the planet by teaching them the importance of sustainable practices to ensure they can go with low-impact treatment alternatives.

3. Share Results. Communicate — in person, on your website, in your advertising and through social media — what you’ve been able to achieve in terms of effective control with green products and supporting protocols. Consider including customer testimonials.

4. Engage Customers Through Social Media. In addition to pushing out messages about your services and experiences, ask customers to share the reasons they prefer green solutions, and keep an open dialogue for any future questions they may have.

5. Participate in Community Efforts Associated with Environmental and Public Health. Invite customers and other community members to join you in these efforts, and take advantage of social media and blog posts to share photos and follow-up stories from the events.

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