Flies, Fleas & Ticks

Sanitation is a crucial part of outdoor tick treatments. Clients should be educated on how to prevent and lower the risk of ticks on their property to get effective control of these disease-spreading arachnids.

Inform your clients that lawn mowing and vegetation management are vital to reducing tick infestations because it allows for more air flow and helps to keep vegetation and topsoil dry. Ticks thrive in shady and moist areas, so be sure to treat these areas that receive less sun and remind clients to keep pets out of these spots.

Wooded areas that border a property need inspection. Search for ticks that have “walked the plank”—ticks can be found on the tips of grass or brush waiting for their next host. Customers should keep the border of their yard trimmed to make the area less appealing to ticks.

While sanitation goes a long way, control products can prevent and knock down tick populations. The best products for tick treatment are sensitive on the environment and to household pets. Botanical products control ticks using essential oils to repel and kill them.

Article originally appeared in PMP Magazine