Spring has sprung and with the change of season, cockroaches are getting ready to emerge. You can expect to see more roaches in the upcoming months so now is the perfect time to get a jump start on controlling populations. To prevent an invasion and get homes in shape for an effective treatment, we recommend a good spring cleaning.

Cockroaches are attracted to sources of food and water. Remind homeowners practicing proper sanitation is essential in preventing a roach infestation. Thoroughly sealing and storing food as well as routinely cleaning up after leaky faucets or appliances where water tends to pool up is an easy but crucial step homeowners can take throughout the year to keep roaches out.

Carefully inspect attics, basements and crawl spaces where homeowners tend to store containers and boxes. Cockroaches usually tend to invade these small areas and set up shop. Advise clients to keep these spaces tidy and use durable sealed containers to store items, rather than loose cardboard boxes that roaches can easily climb into.

Once a good spring cleaning has been done, PMPs will be in a great place to begin treatment and clients can feel confident in knowing they’re taking the proper steps in preventing a cockroach infestation in their homes.

Article originally appeared in PMP Magazine