Starbar EZ® Trap

With the ability to trap more than three times the amount of flies than traditional sticky fly traps because of its large trapping surface and compact design, the Starbar® EZ Trap® Fly Trap is a mess-free and odor-free fly control solution.

  • Traps more flies with no trap odor
  • Ideal for gardens, patios, backyards and picnic areas
  • 100% insecticide free

Product Size

Flies and other listed pests.

Containing no harmful chemicals, the insecticide-free fly trap is great for both indoor and outdoor use. Its special long-lasting rain-proof adhesive makes it an ideal choice around stables, kennels, gardens, and homes.

Just hang up or place the Starbar? EZ Trap? Fly Trap wherever flies are the most active.

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