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Starbar® Fly Trap Attractant

Active Ingredients: 1% (Z)-9-Tricosene, 0.6% Trimethylamine*, 20.5% Putrescent Whole Egg Solids, 0.2% Indole
EPA Reg. #89459-11

Powerful and irresistible to flies, the Starbar® Fly Trap Attractant contains four different attractants that lure flies in and facilitate feeding on the fly bait provided in the trap. An ideal house fly control solution, Starbar® Fly Trap Attractant’s exclusive formula provides the user with an insecticide-free fly trap option.

  • Unique four-attractant formula
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Ideal for use with water-based traps
  • Water-soluble pouch
Dilution Rate Table
House flies, flesh flies, blowflies, blue and green bottle flies, eye gnats, dung flies and other listed pests.
This easy-to-use tool from Central Life Sciences can used indoors and out to control a variety of flies as well as other listed pests. Each fly attractant package contains eight 30 gm. pouches that activate when dissolved in water.
Starbar® Fly Trap Attractant comes in easy-to-apply single use packets. Simply empty the packet into the jug or bag trap you are using and add water.


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Premise Control Brochure

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