Commercial Kitchen Pest Control

Pest management professionals are essential when it comes to commercial kitchen pest control. Make sure your customers understand the importance of having a strong integrated pest management (IPM) program to reduce pest populations and call-backs.

Gentrol® products are ideal solutions for long-term pest control in commercial kitchens for a number of reasons, beginning with their approval for use in food-handling areas. Their low toxicity and extended residual control will put both staff members and customers at ease, fighting off the most common kitchen pests including cockroach infestations, fruit flies, drain flies and stored product pests.

There are a variety of different places for insects to harbor within a kitchen, from cracks and crevices to drains and table legs. This is why pre-treatment preparation is key for setting up a successful IPM program in your kitchen. By utilizing our Kitchen Protocol Guide, you and your customers will be able to practice better cleaning procedures and identify those common areas where water and food build-up may occur.

Once inspection is completed, apply Gentrol® products along with a roach insecticide to successfully knock down adult roaches and disrupt the life cycle of kitchen pests and prevent reproduction. Gentrol® products will give your customers peace of mind from infestation rebounds. From a concentrate to use in a tank mix to roach control devices, the active ingredient in Gentrol®, (S)-hydroprene, provides this product line with the versatility to treat many difficult areas throughout the kitchen such as cockroaches in kitchen cabinets.

Gentrol® products can protect the kitchen from several types of cockroaches including German roaches, American cockroaches, oriental cockroaches.

For control of house flies, and other nuisance flying insects commonly found in kitchens, consider fly traps such as the Starbar® EZ Trap® Fly Trap. These adhesive flying insect traps come in a unique, compact design, providing a reliable security measure against flies that can be placed discretely out of your customers’ sights.