The Key to Keeping Kitchens Pest-Free: Gentrol® Complete EC3

We all know insect infestations can be a nuisance, but if left untreated, insects can also become a health and safety hazard. Infestations are especially threatening in kitchens, restaurants, and food-handling establishments. It’s critical to cut these insect problems off at the source, to knock down kitchen pests quickly.

At Zoëcon, we have developed a new product solution, Gentrol® Complete EC3, to help pest management professionals (PMPs) eliminate kitchen insect problems once and for all! Read on to learn more about the threat of kitchen insect infestations and how to implement our new product solution as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) protocol.

Understanding Kitchen Insect Threats

Kitchens are warm, welcoming places where many customers like to entertain guests. Insects find kitchens and food establishment welcoming too. Many insects that infiltrate kitchens, like cockroaches, drain and fruit flies, or stored product pests, are drawn to the food, moisture, and warmth kitchens and food establishments offer. As temperatures get cooler, kitchens become even more of a refuge for a range of insects that can contaminate food and pose a serious health threat. In fact, even common house flies are capable of transmitting more than 100 various pathogens, such as typhoid, salmonellosis and tuberculosis.

Cockroaches, in particular, carry allergens through their excretion that can trigger allergic reactions and asthma, especially for children, not to mention the threat of food poisoning.

Implementing an IPM Approach

For kitchen infestations, especially commercial kitchens where the health and well-being of many people are at stake, it’s critical for customers to rely on the expertise of a PMP. Make sure your customers understand the importance of implementing a comprehensive IPM program to reduce pest populations and call-backs.

Prevent insects from entering into kitchen spaces by properly sealing plumbing fixtures. Be aware that pests can invade foodstuffs and use them as breeding grounds. Remove infested items and treat surrounding cracks, crevices and surfaces in order to control migrating immature stages and prevent adult emergence of hidden larvae.

A New Product Solution: Gentrol® Complete EC3

Designed for food-handling establishments, Gentrol® Complete EC3 provides quick knockdown and lasting control over cockroaches and other listed pests. Offering broad-spectrum relief and simultaneously breaking the life cycles of German cockroaches, stored product pests, plus fruit flies and drain flies, Gentrol® Complete EC3 combines an insecticide with the control of Gentrol® IGR Concentrate.

Gentrol® Complete EC3 features a Multi-Rate Formulation to tackle all levels of a kitchen infestation. Check out some product features below:

  • Active ingredient, (S)-hydroprene, breaks the life cycle of kitchen bugs and prevents rebound infestations
  • Insect growth regulator (IGR) translocates deep into wall cavities, cracks and crevices
  • Active Ingredients: 9% (S)-Hydroprene 1.5% Lambda-cyhalothrin
  • For use in food and non-food areas of restaurants, food manufacturing, processing, and servicing establishments
  • Can be used as a fogging agent, general surface spray, or tank mixed.

Treating kitchen insects has never been so easy! Learn more at the Gentrol® Complete EC3 product page.