Wasps & Ticks: Go Straight to the Source

For effective control of wasps and ticks, learn where to find their nests and habitats so you can knock them out at the source. Use the infographics below as a helpful guide when identifying these key areas of control.

Wasps Nests: Where to Look

To easily spot wasp nests, watch the flight path of returning wasps— they’ll lead you straight to the source. Also, check for nests in areas like trees, outdoor storage sheds and play equipment. Treat visible wasp nests with Essentria® Wasp & Hornet Spray for immediate knockdown of these stinging insects. Essentria® Wasp & Hornet Spray is formulated with essential oils and sprays up to 20 feet with a water-based foaming action.

Tick Habitats: Where to Look

Ticks thrive in moist, humid environments outdoors. These blood-sucking insects quest on tall grasses and also can be found under piles of chopped wood or leaves and latch on to pets and humans. Encourage clients to keep their backyards well maintained, including regularly mowing the lawn and raking up any weeds and leaves. Once tick-friendly areas are identified, treat with a perimeter treatment like Mavrik Perimeter — a great option for controlling ticks that is also safe for honey bees once dried. For broadcast treatment of lawns, gardens and trees without having to “water-in”, use Lambda 9.7 CS, a broad-spectrum formula.