Lava-Lor Granular Bait Blog

Lava-Lor® Granular Bait provides pest management professionals with the ultimate solution for dealing with tough cricket and cockroach infestations. This ready-to-use and easy-to-apply product is approved for a variety of sites to ensure that pests are knocked down.

Lava-Lor® Granular Bait features two active ingredients providing effective knockdown through multiple modes of action.

Approved for use in sensitive areas, Lava-Lor® Granular Bait can be used as a cockroach insecticide. The list of approved treatment sites cover everything from food handling establishments and commercial buildings (food processing, restaurants, warehouses, building foundations, sewer applications) to residential roach control (roaches in kitchen, apartment buildings, homes, driveways, lawn and turf, outdoor patios).

Lava-Lor® Granular Bait is great for treating cockroach infestations for several types of cockroaches, including German roaches, American cockroaches, Oriental cockroaches, Palmetto bugs and Turkestan cockroaches (also known as red runner roaches).

This versatile, ready-to-use formulation requires no “watering-in” and can also be used in a shaker or spreader to reach hard-to-treat cracks and crevices.