The Advantages of Zoëcon® Aerosol Products

Aerosol insect control products are a convenient choice for pest control professionals seeking quick knockdown and lasting residual control in targeted areas, such as cracks and crevices. Zoëcon® offers several aerosol formulations to meet the needs of pest control operators. In this blog, we’ll outline the benefits of our aerosol insect control offerings.

Gentrol® Aerosol Products

The Gentrol® product family features two aerosol products that deliver long-term and broad-spectrum control of cockroaches, drain and fruit flies and other types of insects.

  • Gentrol® Complete Aerosol combines an insecticide and an insect growth regulator to break the life cycles of a wide variety of labeled insects. Ideal for indoor use in food and non-food areas, Gentrol® Complete Aerosol features dual-action control to provide easy, one-step control with a low odor.
  • Another family product is Gentrol® Aerosol. This product contains the insect growth regulator (S)-hydroprene and features a dissipating foam action to target insects in those tricky nooks and crannies and prevent rebound insect infestations. It’s ideal for use in highly sensitive areas, such as food handling establishments.

Zenprox® Wasp-X®2 Spray

Wasps, hornets and yellow jackets aren’t just dangerous, they can be difficult to control. That’s why Zoëcon® formulated Zenprox® Wasp-X®2 Spray, a non-staining jet-spray that reaches up to 20 feet to knockdown these stinging insects from long range.

  • Zenprox® Wasp-X®2 Spray is powered by the core active ingredient, etofenprox, to provide immediate contact kill for indoor and outdoor applications.

ExciteR™ 55 Aerosol

For versatility and flexibility, ExciteR™ 55 Aerosol is hard to beat. This flushing aerosol product features a flip-up nozzle, offering flexibility for indoor broadcast surface spraying and crack and crevice applications in hard-to-reach areas.

  • ExciteR™ 55 Aerosol features synergized pyrethrins to kill fleas, ants, ticks, and other labeled pests, providing broad spectrum control and fast-acting results.

Precor® Aerosol Products

The Precor® product family features three different aerosol options formulated to fight off fleas and other insects.

  • Precor® 2625 Premise Spray is a broad-spectrum aerosol insecticide that utilizes multiple modes of action for quick, effective knockdown. It features the insect growth regulator (S)-methoprene, three adulticides and a synergist. It treats up to 2,625 square feet, features a 360-degree valve for upright and inverted treatments, and provides more than 200 days of protection against developing flea larvae.
  • Precor® 2000 Plus Premise Spray is a fast-acting formula delivering up to seven months of protection from fleas with a coverage area of up to 2,000 square feet. It’s ideal for use in garages, homes, warehouses and other indoor applications.
  • Finally, there’s Precor® Plus Fogger , a total release aerosol which treats large indoor spaces and is well-suited for flea control in hard-to-treat areas. It features dual active ingredients: permethrin for knockdown of adult fleas, and the insect growth regulator (S)-methoprene to prevent pre-adult fleas from creating new infestations. It leaves no lingering odors or stains, but delivers lasting flea control for up to seven months.

Essentria® Aerosol Products

  • The Essentria® product family features a dynamic duo of aerosol products that are botanically derived and highly effective against insects.
  • Essentria® Wasp & Hornet Spray is an essential oil formulation that sprays up to 20 feet with foaming action to hit difficult indoor and outdoor areas. It provides knockdown of stinging insects and can be directly used on nests.
  • Essentria® Contact Spray is also a natural aerosol that delivers coverage against a wide range of listed insects for a variety of locations. This botanical insecticide can be applied indoors and outdoors in sensitive areas and surfaces where other insecticides are prohibited. It’s eco-friendly and leverages a combination of natural, essential plant oils to kill and repel flying and crawling insects on contact

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