Cockroach Battles

Inspections are important for most pest management professionals, but for Brad Lee, they have become the most important part of finding a solution. As the pest control manager for Arrow Exterminators in Broken Arrow, Okla., Lee says he believes that the key to controlling a cockroach infestation is finding the source, and then treating it with a product that will not only pack a punch, but will also end the pest’s life cycle.

Thirteen years ago, Lee began working for the family-owned Arrow Exterminators as a pest control technician and first experienced Gentrol products from Zoëcon. The more Lee used Gentrol products, the more he realized that these products would be the heavy hitters he had been looking for to take care of difficult cockroach infestations.

“Gentrol is unmatched in breaking the life cycle of German roaches,” Lee says. “There is no other product that is as easy to use in any type of account, in my opinion. It is something you can rely on anywhere, and it works.”

The products feature the insect growth regulator (IGR) (S)-hydroprene, which controls insects by interfering with normal hormone levels during development, preventing further growth. For Lee, this means that he’s able to control the infestation before it gets worse.

Arrow Exterminators primarily uses the Gentrol Point Source, a cockroach control device that, according to Lee, is ideal to use in areas that you can’t spray or fog because of the presence of food. Gentrol Point Source works by using a translocating device that, when activated, can treat an area up to 75 feet. Lee finds this particularly helpful when he’s treating commercial kitchens.

“I rely on Gentrol products daily to make sure that our cockroach treatments are taken care of in a timely manner,” Lee says. “It is something that is reliable and can be used in areas that are sensitive, something that we use on nearly every roach job.”

Article originally appeared in Pest Management Professional