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Active Ingredients 

The diverse and flexible Zoëcon product portfolio of pest control solutions is powered by a robust lineup of active ingredients. Starting with insect growth regulators, and later with unique insecticides, Zoëcon now also includes a lineup of products that feature essential oils. Learn more about our unique molecules featured in our powerful formulations.
Zoecon Active Ingredients S-hydroprene


Classified as an insect growth regulator (IGR), (S)-hydroprene breaks the insect’s life cycle by interrupting normal insect developmental pathways. (S)-Hydroprene translocates to reach traditionally difficult-to-treat areas other active ingredients often miss, moving deep into wall cavities, cracks and crevices. This feature allows this flexible molecule to be effective through contact and ingestion, and in cockroaches and other pests prevents reproduction. (S)-Hydroprene can be used to control a broad spectrum of insects including cockroaches, fruit flies, drain flies, bed bugs and more. Watch (S)-hydroprene in action.


Zoecon Active Ingredients S-methoprene


The original insect growth regulator (IGR), (S)-methoprene works by breaking the insect’s life cycle during critical development stages. By attacking multiple stages of development, the affected pests never reach maturity, and thereby fail to become nuisance adults. The target-specific active ingredient has low environmental impact and no bioaccumulation. It prevents future infestations, providing effective residual control of fleas, mosquitoes and other listed pests. (S)-Methoprene is exempt from food tolerances by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States.


Zoecon Active Ingredients Pyretherum


Derived from the chrysanthemum flower, Pyrethrins is categorized as a botanical insecticide and is often referred to as “nature’s own insecticide.” As a sodium channel blocker, it quickly interferes with the neurons of insects for effective knockdown and kill. Pyrethrins is a broad-spectrum insecticide effective on various fly species, ants, fleas, ticks and 50+ listed pests.


Zoecon Active Ingredients Dinotefuran


Classified as a neonicotinoid, Dinotefuran provides effective control of nuisance flies and can be used in a variety of application sites. This active ingredient offers an ideal rotation partner with pyrethrin-based sprays to help prevent resistance issues.


Zoecon Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Derived from plants that have natural repellent and insecticidal qualities, essential oils are an effective and environmentally responsible pest control solution. These compounds are extracted from different plants including peppermint, rosemary, clove, thyme, and geranium. Ideal for sensitive application sites, essential oil formulations can be used to treat infestations of ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, mosquitoes, spiders and other listed flying and crawling pests indoors and out without bee restrictions.


Zoecon Active Ingredients Etofenprox


A non-repellent insecticide, etofenprox disrupts the insect nervous system by affecting neuron sodium channels. The EPA classified this active ingredient as reduced risk for mosquito control as it has a very low toxicity profile, while providing quick knockdown and extended residual power on contact. Etofenprox is a flexible, broad-spectrum adulticide for control of spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, fleas, bed bugs, and more.



A powerful adulticide, hydramethylnon starts killing immediately after ingestion. This active ingredient works by attacking the metabolic pathways of insects, resulting in decreased energy levels and affects normal life functions, causing death. Hydramethylnon is commonly used in baits, and can be used to control fire ants as well as other listed pests.


Zoecon Active Ingredients Imidacloprid


A non-repellent molecule, imidacloprid is classified as a neonicotinoid, an insect neurotoxin that blocks the pest’s nervous system resulting in death. This powerful, long-lasting active ingredient has a delayed impact, enhancing the transfer effect on social insects. Imidacloprid can be used to effectively control various termite species and other listed pests.


Zoecon Active Ingredients Lambda-Cyhalothrin


A pyrethroid insecticide, lambda-cyhalothrin provides effective long-lasting control. This active ingredient affects the nervous system of pests, resulting in quick knockdown and kill. In some formulations, Lambda-Cyhalothrin is microencapsulated and is commonly used for perimeter applications to control ants, beetles, mosquitoes and more for residual control.


Zoecon Active Ingredients Methomyl


Classified as a carbamate insecticide, methomyl provides quick knockdown and offers complete control after ingestion. This active ingredient is an effective alternative to pyrethroid and neonicotinoid insecticides and can be used in rotation programs to avoid resistance. Methomyl can be used to control house flies and other fly species, and is approved for use around food handling establishments and other areas where nuisance flies are a problem.


Zoecon Active Ingredients Permethrin


A broad-spectrum active ingredient, permethrin controls a variety of pests on contact. The mode of action is a sodium channel blocker which controls a broad spectrum of insects including fleas, flies, cockroaches, adult mosquitoes, biting and non-biting midges, gnats and more.


Zoecon Active Ingredients Piperonyl Butoxide

Piperonyl Butoxide

Acting as a synergist, piperonyl butoxide (PBO) enhances the power of a variety of pyrethroid insecticides, and is especially suited for pairing with pyrethrins. The molecule works by inhibiting mixed function oxidases in insects so the natural detoxification system is blocked, increasing the efficacy of the applied insecticide.


Zoecon Active Ingredients Rotenone


Derived from the cube resin root, rotenone is a restricted use piscicide. This target-specific active ingredient effectively controls all fish species, without affecting most mammals, birds and vegetation. Rotenone quickly degrades in the application site, providing an environmentally compatible solution for fish management.


Zoecon Active Ingredients tau-fluvalinate


A pyrethroid insecticide, tau-fluvalinate impacts the nervous system of target insects through ingestion and direct contact. The molecule works by disrupting the neuron sodium channels. Tau-fluvalinate can be used to control a broad spectrum of insects including mosquitoes, ants, spiders, ticks and other listed pests, and the dried residue is non-toxic to bees.