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Musca-Cide® Fly Bait Spray

Active Ingredients: 0.5% Dinotefuran, 0.04% (Z)-9-Tricosene
EPA Reg. #2724-838-89459

Take control of house fly infestations with this flexible, water-dilutable product. Offering both spray and paint-on applications, Musca-Cide® Fly Bait Spray allows pest management professionals a flexible way to attract and kill house flies with its fast acting formulation.

  • Water-dilutable formulation
  • Flexible application options
  • One bottle provides 1,500 sq. ft. of coverage
  • Fast-acting to provide quick knockdown
House flies

Use at canneries, beverage processing plants, meat and poultry processing facilities, food processing plants, refuse containers, garbage cans, zoos, commercial food/feed handling, restaurants, taverns, schools, hospitals, bakeries, supermarkets, offices, marinas, nursing homes, outside of residences, loading docks, warehouses, commercial real estate and other areas where flies are a problem.

Applications in food/feed handling establishments are allowed ONLY in non-food/non-feed areas.

Apply via tank sprayer, trigger spray bottle, paint roller, or paint brush to walls, beams, on and around doors, garbage bins, and garbage chutes to clear house fly infestations.


Muscacide Fact Sheet

Musca-Cide® Fly Bait Spray Fact Sheet

Zoecon Total Fly Control Fact Sheet

Total Fly Control Fact Sheet

Premise Control Brochure

Premise Control Brochure

Musca Cide Fly Bait Spray Label

Musca-Cide® Specimen Label

Musca Cide Fly Bait Spray Label 2

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