Extinguish® Professional Fire Ant Bait

Active Ingredients: 0.5% (S)-Methoprene
EPA Reg. #2724-475

The powerful fire ant control solution, Extinguish® Professional Fire Ant Bait prevents new mounds from forming while eliminating existing colonies by affecting the fire ant queen's reproductive abilities with the insect growth regulator (IGR,) (S)-methoprene. Extinguish® Professional Fire Ant Bait is an ideal solution for complete long-term control, preventing fire ants mounds from moving and colonies from rebounding.

  • Count on reduction in colony size in 3 weeks and complete elimination within 8-10 weeks
  • Prevents mound movement and colony rebounding
  • 1 bag treats 25 acres
  • Affects the queen's reproductive abilities

Product Size

Fire ants and pavement ants.

OUTDOOR: Cropland (ex: almond, pistachio and walnut orchards), citrus groves, grape vineyards, forestry sites, pasture and rangeland, residential turf & landscapes (around flowers, shrubs, and trees), sod farms, sports fields, golf courses, parks, commercial nurseries including field grown and container stock, school grounds, roadsides, airports, cemeteries, zoos, perimeter areas of buildings, homes, sheds, kennels, barns, poultry houses, swine operations, dairies, electrical & phone boxes, pump houses and other associated areas.

INDOOR: homes, residences (apartments, nursing homes), commercial buildings, warehouses, and any other structures where ants may enter. Also for use in non-food/feed areas of institutions, restaurants, commercial food processing areas, including poultry and livestock operations.

To prevent infestations, apply Extinguish? Professional Fire Ant Bait anywhere fire ants are found. Apply bait to any infested cracks, crevices, and voids. Repeat applications may be made as often as fire and pavement ants are observed.

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