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Prenfish™ Fish Toxicant

Active Ingredients: Rotenone - 5.00%, Cube Resins other than Rotenone - 5.00%
EPA Reg. #655-422

A piscicide designed to control invasive fish species. Featuring rotenone, a general use piscicide derived from the cube resin root used by native populations for centuries, Prenfish™ effectively controls all fish species without affecting most mammals, birds and vegetation when applied as directed. It will degrade quickly in the environment, making it the ideal choice for maintaining balanced ecosystems.This fish toxicant, available in an emulsifiable liquid formulation, can be counted on for a uniform and accurate application of rotenone when sprayed. Prenfish™ can be applied with multiple methods, both undiluted and mixed.

Rvers, ponds, lakes, streams and reservoirs.
Underwater application with boom or other mechanized equipment, aerial spray, backpack spray, hand-held or hand-directed nozzle, and drip can.

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