Stop May Mosquitoes

We’ve all heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” But April showers can also bring May mosquitoes. Rainy weather can result in standing water and ponding in yards and other areas around the home, giving mosquitoes an ideal breeding ground.

The good news is there are plenty of ways to control mosquitoes without having to control the weather. Here are some tips for preventing and treating against mosquito infestations from emerging around the home after the rain stops and the skies clear.

Stop mosquito infestations before they can start

The best thing anyone can do to prevent mosquito infestations is to give them nowhere to breed. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in shallow pools of water, making yards with poor drainage particularly susceptible. That means one big rainstorm could give mosquitoes the opportunity they need to wreak havoc around the home all summer long. From there, mosquitoes can make their way into garages, sheds, or even inside the home. They can also spread harmful diseases such as the West Nile and Zika viruses.

There are plenty of ways to prepare lawns and outdoor areas for whatever Mother Nature has to offer. Sometimes, soil can be compacted by factors such as heavy foot traffic. Dethatching and aerating the lawn can allow the soil to loosen up to ensure better drainage. Adding compost can also help break up soil and allow water to flow better.

For improperly graded lawns or lawns with a low slope that easily flood, adding a drainage system could be an ideal solution. Installing a drainage system could give water that builds up in vulnerable areas somewhere else to go. It’s also critical to constantly check and clear gutters and downspouts, as these can also become mosquito nesting areas if left untreated.

Control mosquitoes with confidence

Zoëcon offers a wide variety of products that can help make mosquitoes stay away for good. Altosid® Pro-G is a granular mosquito larvicide that serves as the ideal backyard mosquito control solution. This insect growth regulator is formulated with the active ingredient (S)-methoprene, which prevents adult mosquito emergence in treated areas. Altosid® Pro-G also delivers extended residual control, providing up to 30 days of protection in standing water.

Zoëcon also offers the Essentria® product family for those seeking green mosquito control. Essentria® IC-3 Insecticide Concentrate provides immediate knockdown and long residual control by naturally repelling mosquitoes. And Essentria® Contact Spray is an aerosol product designed to kill and repel mosquitoes on a variety of surfaces and locations.

Download this informational poster for more information on how to stop April showers from generating May mosquitoes.