How to Help Achieve Constant Control of Occasional Invaders

person sealing gap in window

Occasional invaders can be a nuisance inside residences and public buildings. And while these insects aren’t always invading, their sporadic takeovers can bring droves of unwanted guests.

In this blog, we discuss the most common occasional invaders, where you can find them and how to control these unwanted guests using Zoëcon insect control solutions.

Identifying Occasional invaders

Occasional invaders most often plan their attacks during the fall and winter, when the conditions inside start to become more favorable than the cooling outdoor temperatures, as well as because of overpopulation. Prey have also diminished during the changing seasons. Occasional invaders are genetically programmed to overwinter.

There are three types of occasional invaders. Pests of mulch and moisture (millipedes, springtails, pillbugs, crickets, small flies, etc.), crawling migratory predators (centipedes, earwigs, spiders, etc.) and overwintering insects (lady bugs, stink bugs, queen wasps, cluster flies).

Millipedes are slow-moving, plant-feeding creatures that curl up and release foul-smelling secretions when disturbed. Centipedes have flatter bodies and tend to move faster. The house centipede has longer legs and is faster than both millipedes and centipedes and actually prey on other insects and spiders.

All three of these occasional invaders tend to live in damp places and wooded areas. They’re most often found living under logs, leaves and mulch. However, when conditions worsen, millipedes and centipedes tend to flock indoors looking for moisture, food and shelter. However, house centipedes are best equipped to survive and reproduce inside. They’re drawn to moist basements, cellars, crawlspaces and bathrooms, locations where they’ll often find fellow insects to prey on.

Sealing foundational cracks, controlling indoor moisture and controlling spiders and insects inside are a few ways your customers can proactively keep occasional invaders out. But we know invasions are sometimes inevitable, which is why Zoëcon® offers a range of products that will effectively keep occasional invaders out for good.

How Zoëcon® effectively controls occasional invaders

Outdoors: Keeping insects out of backyards is a great first step, and that’s exactly what Lambda 9.7 CS insecticide accomplishes. Lambda 9.7 CS provides knockdown mosquito control with a broad-spectrum insecticide. An ideal backyard insect control solution, Lambda 9.7 CS can be used for perimeter and barrier treatments, and is approved for lawns, turfgrass and ornamentals. This product can also be tank-mixed with an insect growth regulator to ensure complete control. One effective tip to protect against occasional invaders is to treat cracks and crevices of window frames with Lambda 9.7 CS insecticide.

Indoors: Zenprox® EC insecticide is another highly effective option against occasional invaders. It controls more than 25 different insects and combines with extended residual control. Zenprox® EC insecticide can be applied as an indoor broadcast spray or crack-and-crevice treatment, and it offers an ideal tank-mix partner with an IGR such as Gentrol® IGR Concentrate to help provide complete control of occasional invaders.

Visit Zoëcon® for more solutions that’ll help pest management pros shut occasional invaders down.