Spring into Green Insect Control

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The National Phenology Network, which measures the progression of spring across the country, has measured an early spring this year by a span of 12-20 days in regions throughout the nation. Mild winters and early springs, as we’re experiencing this year, have the potential to give insects a longer period of reproduction. This results in higher populations by late summer, especially for mosquitoes.

For pest control professionals, this means gearing up to tackle the influx of insects that come with the warmer weather. Zoëcon Professional Products offers effective and environmentally friendly solutions to combat outdoor insects this spring. Let's delve into two botanical solutions that PMPs can use to get ahead of insects: Essentria® IC Pro insecticide and Essentria® Mosquito & Tick Concentrate.

Essentria® IC Pro Insecticide for Long Residual Control

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Essentria® IC Pro is formulated with active ingredients derived from essential oils and stands out for its environmental friendliness. It holds FIFRA 25(b) exempt status, making it a go-to choice for residential and commercial accounts, as well as for cannabis and hemp growers.

Key features of Essentria® IC Pro include its broad spectrum of control and its long residual, providing lasting protection against a wide variety of insects including mosquitoes, spiders, aphids, and more. This water-based insecticide features a low fragrance and low phytotoxicity formula with minimal impact on the environment. Additionally, its formulation is free from water setbacks, offering flexibility in application.

Essentria® Mosquito & Tick Concentrate for Outdoor Control

Targeting two of the most notorious pests of spring and summer – mosquitoes and ticks, Essentria® Mosquito & Tick Concentrate is a powerful weapon in the pest control arsenal. Like Essentria® IC Pro, it harnesses the potency of essential oils while meeting or exceeding efficacy and formulation guidelines set by the AAPCO.

This innovative formula delivers a one-two punch by both killing and repelling mosquitoes for up to 14 days, providing extended protection for residential and commercial spaces. It also effectively helps eliminate ticks, reducing the risk of tick-borne diseases. Designed for use with automated spraying systems, fogging systems, and mist blowers, its water-based formulation ensures ease of application and compatibility with various equipment.

Preparing for Spring with Botanical Solutions

As pest control professionals gear up for the spring season, incorporating Essentria® IC Pro insecticide and Essentria® Mosquito & Tick Concentrate into the toolkit can yield numerous benefits.

By embracing botanical insect control products such as Essentria® IC Pro insecticide and Essentria® Mosquito & Tick Concentrate, pest control professionals can tackle springtime pests with confidence while minimizing environmental impact. With their innovative formulations and proven efficacy, these solutions pave the way for a greener and more sustainable approach.

Zoëcon Professional Products provides information and resources to help professionals prepare for the upcoming season with botanical solutions.