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From the Desk of Tony Schultz

There’s a lot to look forward to the next few months, like visiting our favorite restaurants and bars. As dining and drinking establishments open or increase their operating capacity, we’re encouraging our PMP clients to use Gentrol® Point Source for long-term roach control and Lava-Lor® Granular Bait for immediate relief in these sensitive accounts.

Travel has also returned, which subsequently means that bed bugs are back and hungrier than ever. We recommend using a product like Zenprox® EC to keep bed bugs under control and out of sight in your hotel accounts.

Finally, I would like to introduce Gary Wagner as the newest member of our sales team. Gary will cover Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin, and we are excited to have him on board.

Central Mountain | Loren Cunnington

Bed Bugs are Itching for a Post-COVID Comeback

With limited occupancy over the past year, bed bugs in hotels are expected to be hungrier and more aggressive with the return of hotel guests. It will be essential for PMPs to have a set protocol in place to help prepare for these calls. For the most effective and efficient hotel bed bug treatments, see our pro tips and product recommendations in the link below.

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Midwest | Gary Wagner

Wasps Have Finally Met Their Match

Help your clients take the sting out of summer. Turn to one of our latest product innovations, Zenprox® Wasp-X® 2 Spray to immediately kill wasps, hornets and yellow jackets on contact. Want to see it in action? Check out PMPs putting it to the test in the link below.

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West Coast | Scott Harris

Fill Your Toolbox with Green Products

According to the 2021 PCT State of the Naturals Market survey, 33 percent of PMPs said their companies purchased more green products in the past year, and 22 percent said they made more time to teach employees about green products and services. We are proud to partner with PCT Magazine on the 2021 State of the Naturals Market report, and I encourage you to view it below to learn more about the features and benefits of green pest control products.

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Southeast | Bill Barrs, Drew Lockhart & Walker Mobley

Extinguish Fire Ants and Get Cash Back

Fire ant mounds are often most visible at this time of year, so now is an ideal time to treat the biggest and worst mounds on your clients’ property with an individual mound treatment of Extinguish® Plus. Now when you purchase 100 lbs. or more of Extinguish® Plus and/or ProBait® Formulation for Professionals, you will be eligible for a $0.50 per lb. rebate. Get all the details in the link below.

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South Central | Gary Ross & Mike Kunka

Tick-Borne Diseases on the Rise as People Spend More Time Outdoors

According to recent data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cases of tick-borne diseases have steadily increased over the last few years. With more people expected to spend more time in their backyards and at parks after being cooped up inside this past year, our Tick Fact Sheet equips you with everything you need to know about ticks and most importantly— how to control them.

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Mid-Atlantic | Gabe Gliwa

Wondering What Lava-Lor® Granular Bait Does to Cockroaches?

Many PMPs expect to see a potential surge in cockroach populations as dining and drinking establishments open or increase their operating capacity. Using the right product will be key to getting the job done right, the first time in these accounts. Lava-Lor® Granular Bait offers a quick knockdown of roaches and is approved for use in food handling areas. See this innovative cockroach solution in action in our new product demonstration video below.

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