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At Zoëcon, our goal is to provide PMPs with enduring and efficacious solutions and supporting resources. This is achieved through continuous innovation and conversations that revolve around new research, industry trends, and most importantly, listening to professionals like you.

ZoëConnect sprung from those conversations – an enhanced way to arm PMPs with not only the most up to date product knowledge, but also with methods and additional insights that deliver greater results and satisfaction. It’s our sincere hope that ZoëConnect takes your business, your customers, and your insect control success to the next level.

Gentrol Point Source® Roach Control Device

Gentrol Point Source activated

Roaches and other insects commonly found in food-handling establishments can be among the most challenging for PMPs to tackle. Spraying a pesticide in these areas can be inefficient, inconvenient or impractical at times.

That’s one of the many reasons Gentrol Point Source® is so effective. The low toxicity profile (LD50 > 34,560) of the active ingredient utilized in the Gentrol Point Source® Device means you and your clients can feel secure using this easy-to-apply solution in the most sensitive areas.

This discreet, non-spray format can reach beyond where it’s placed, utilizing a translocating active ingredient to reach hard-to-treat areas. Very few molecules translocate. That capability is as rare as it is effective!

But what does that actually mean, a “translocating” molecule?

(S)-Hydroprene, an insect growth regulator (IGR), is the active ingredient in Gentrol Point Source®; 90.6% of the formula’scomposition. This molecule has the unique ability to translocate, meaning it continues to move after application, providing effective control over targeted insects without requiring their direct contact with the device. It is heavier than air and will move down air currents to penetrate deep into pest harborage areas, providing up to 90 days of control and up to 75 sq. ft. per device.

(S)-Hydroprene controls insects by preventing the growth and/or maturation of cockroaches and stored product pests. It is a synthetic copy of a naturally occurring insect biochemical, making it an ideal bait partner. It prevents insects from completing their normal development into the adult stage. We like to think of this as an insurance policy to prevent rebound, future re-infestations and call-backs.

But how does it work?

A female cockroach may carry 30-40 eggs in the ootheca. A female cockroach carrying eggs will usually hide in undisturbed dark harborages and refrain from feeding until the eggs are ready to hatch. She will then drop the egg case in the harborage and proceed to search for food. The (S)-Hydroprene in Gentrol Point Source® produces an effect that causes these female cockroaches to seek food. This search for food increases the chance that the females will come in contact with a bait application. Females feeding on a bait will die and her future nymphs will die with her. This enhancement of baiting will speed up the control process, resulting in an improved control program.

One Gentrol Point Source® Device treats up to 75 square feet, and comes in a box of 20 devices. It’s designed to give you and your clients peace of mind, knowing protection is present, no matter where it is applied.

Want to see (S)-Hydroprene in action? Watch the video!

Did You Know?

  • The (S)-Hydroprene that activates Gentrol Point Source® causes a decrease in the tolerance level that some insects have developed to certain classes of insecticides? It enhances rotational programs, and extends the useful market life of most structural pest insecticides.
  • That Zoëcon wrote the book on insect growth regulators (IGR) when we pioneered the technology over 50 years ago with (S)-methoprene; the very first IGR? Weexpanded on this class of solutions with the introduction of the IGR (S)-Hydroprene under Gentrol® products, and have delivered responsible solutions with visible, bottom-line results since 1984. So, when we say we know roach control, we mean it.
  • That Gentrol Point Source® is not just for kitchens? Areas include: inside drawers and cabinets, refuse areas, electrical boxes, and false ceilings. Also, place around doors, HVAC ducts, refrigerators, inside vending machines, or in various modes of transportation.

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