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From the Desk of Tony Schultz

As we continue to celebrate more than 50 years of insect control solutions as Zoëcon Professional Products, we’re honoring more than simply longevity. We’re honoring a commitment to public health and wellbeing.

Zoëcon was founded on the discovery of (S)-methoprene, the first insect growth regulator (IGR) utilized in the first environmentally compatible mosquito larvicide. Our founders sought a better way to protect against nuisance and disease spreading insects, and we’re honored to carry this vision forward more than 50 years later.

The team at Zoëcon is proud of the comprehensive product line we’ve established, including the industry’s most versatile offering of botanically based solutions. We continue to build this lineup with innovative new solutions to help you in your job, and we’re excited to share our newest addition in the weeks to come.

Northeast | Loren Cunnington


In 2017, reported tick-related diseases grew 22% to 59,349 from the year prior, a record number estimated to be as much five times higher if accurately reported. This reflects a steady rise in the number of tick-borne diseases in recent years that is expected to continue, prompting the CDC to begin monitoring tick populations and disease instances in the United States for the first time.

The National Pest Management Association predicts 2019 could be among the heaviest tick seasons in years, so develop your control plan. Zoëcon offers solutions that include Mavrik® Perimeter, an easy-to-use barrier treatment that provides immediate knockdown without harming ornamental plants or shrubbery. Lambda 9.7 CS is an encapsulated insecticide that will resist breaking down in heat and UV exposure. On the natural control front, consider Essentria® IC-3, a FIFRA 25(b) exempt botanical insecticide.

When applying these products for tick control, use a coarse fan spray to vegetation, brush, branches, rock walls, and other areas near habitation where ticks may harbor or quest. Treat the entire area rather than making spot treatments, and retreat as necessary to maintain control.


West Coast | Scott Harris


Summer will bring with it peak flea season, and the pest is top of mind on the West Coast with the resurgence in flea-borne diseases in the area. For the most effective and efficient flea application visits, remind customers to follow these helpful steps before you arrive:

Pets should be taken out of the area Rugs, carpets and furniture are vacuumed Everything is picked up off of the floors Clean or dispose of all pet bedding Outdoor spaces are mowed and cleared of items on the ground Remove all pillows, toys and pet dishes from treatment sites

Once you arrive, consider treating the home with the Precor® family of solutions featuring the IGR, (S)-methoprene. This active ingredient penetrates and migrates deep into places like the base of carpet fibers and between furniture cushions to prevent the pre-adult fleas that make up 95% of flea infestation population from maturing into breeding, biting adults.

Central Mountain | Blaine Oakeson


Parts of our region saw a colder and wetter winter than usual, including some with snow in unlikely areas. With a warmer, drier summer to follow, the conditions are right for a heavier than usual population of cockroaches in the region.

When treating for cockroaches, carefully inspect areas near water in the bathrooms and kitchen. Consider using a mirror for areas that are more difficult to inspect, including under sinks and countertops. Cockroaches can make their way inside through cracks and crevices, sewers, vents and drainpipes, so treat these areas and make sure that all plumbing is properly sealed.

For effective cockroach control, turn to the trusted and versatile Gentrol® line of products. The Gentrol® insect growth regulator, (S)-hydroprene, translocates into hard-to-treat areas and effectively breaks the insect life cycle and offers 120 days of control. Looking for a natural option? Consider the botanically based Essentria® IC-3 insecticide for immediate knockdown and long residual control of cockroaches.

Gentrol® IGR

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Zoecon Gentrol IGR 16 ounce

South Central | Gary Ross & Mike Kunka


With more time being spent outdoors, PMPs can expect calls in the Southeast region for perimeter pests including wasps and ticks. Don’t let these pests and other annoying insects ruin your clients’ time spent in their backyards. Prepare backyards for treatment by inspecting for wasp nests and potential tick habitats to effectively control them at the source. Once nests are identified, use Essentria® Wasp & Hornet Spray for immediate kill of these stinging insects. Spraying up to 20 feet away, this solution foams up to control the pest and is approved for use in attics, garages, as well as sensitive areas like schools. Coming soon, the newest addition to the Zoëcon product line, Essentria® IC Pro is also an ideal choice for controlling these backyard pests. This indoor/outdoor aerosol kills and repels crawling and flying insects and is formulated for control of a variety of surfaces and locations.

Use this Backyard Protocol Guide to effectively prevent and control backyard insects.

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Southeast | Bill Barrs, Drew Lockhart & Walker Mobley


No one wants to see a fire ant infestation on their property. Delivering a nasty sting, these biting insects can cause real damage to lawns and electrical equipment. Along with fire ants, perimeter pests like cockroaches, crickets and ants can be a major nuisance when spending time outdoors.

Eliminate fire ant mounds with Extinguish® Plus Fire Ant Bait and ProBait®. Combining the killing speed of an adulticide and the long-lasting control of an insect growth regulator, Extinguish® Plus Fire Ant Bait kills worker ants and sterilizes the queen while ProBait® is a bait designed to start killing ants immediately after ingestion. To determine when ants are foraging and achieve the best results, place a crumbled potato chip, corn chips, or other greasy snacks near the mound. If ants do not start to feed on chips within 30 minutes, do not apply the bait. Wait a few days and retest to see if the ants are foraging for protein. Once you see them taking the chips, it’s time to apply the bait.

For broad spectrum control of crawling perimeter pests, reach for Lava-Lor® Granular Bait. This ready-to-use formulation can be used in a bait station or in a shaker/spreader to reach hard-to-treat cracks and crevices. Versatile and easy to apply, Lava-Lor® Granular Bait is a great option for turf and perimeter treatments.

When you purchase 100 lbs. or more of Extinguish® Plus and/or ProBait® Formulation for Professionals, receive a $0.50 per lb. rebate!

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Midwest | Gary Wagner & Mike Leahy


Mosquito season is here and with a wet winter in the Midwest this year, mosquito breeding sources are plentiful. It’s important to educate your clients about source reduction— eliminating any standing water on a property is key to mosquito control. Let your clients thoroughly enjoy their time spent outside by preventing mosquitoes from emerging into breeding, biting adults with the Altosid® family of products. Offered in a variety of choices for every need, each Altosid® formulation contains an insect growth regulator that interrupts the mosquito life cycle and depending on the product formulation, residual control activity can range from 7 days all the way up to 150 days.

Reclaim your customers' outdoor spaces with treatments that address every stage of the life cycle.

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