Starbar® Quikstrike® Fly Abatement Strip

Killing flies within seconds, the QuikStrike® Fly Abatement Strip contains a triple-action fly attractant, drawing in more nuisance flies to facilitate feeding. The powerful fly control begins with the active ingredient, nithiazine, contained in a sugar-based matrix that flies can’t resist.

Active Ingredients:

  • Nithiazine 1.0%


Flies and other listed pests


Approved for use anywhere flies are a problem on an operation, the QuikStrike® Fly Abatement Strip is effective for up to 8 weeks. For best results, place the fly catcher on a flat surface at 4 ft. or lower in bucket, to catch the dead flies.


  • Can be used in a variety of areas
  • Easy to use
  • Triple-action formula
  • Approved for use in milking parlors

Available Product Sizes

  • 2 pack box
EPA Reg. #2724-461
Kill flies quickly with Starbar's QuikStrike Fly Abatement Strip. This fly catcher contains active ingredient Niathiazine. Zoecon & Central Life Science