ExciteR™ 55 Aerosol

We’re seeing PMPs across the country add ExciteR™ 55 to their toolbox for its flexible usage and fast-acting results. One customer noted, “This product is awesome! Used for a German roach clean out. Used less than a quarter of the contents and had immediate kills. Talked to clients 7 days later and no roach activity was seen, except dead ones. Highly impressed.” Read more about all of the benefits of ExciteR™ 55, including a flip-up nozzle and synergized formulation.

Zenprox® Wasp-X® 2 Spray

Wasp-X® 2 features a familiar name with an improved formula. One customer in Texas wrote, “I was skeptical at first, but within seconds of dispersing it into the nest, they were dropping like flies.” Read more about all of the features of Wasp-X® 2, including a 20-foot foaming spray and a high dielectric rating of 39,000.