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EcoPCO® ACU Contact Insecticide

Active Ingredients: 0.1% 2-Phenethyl Propionate
EPA Reg. #89459-59

A reduced-risk pest control option, EcoPCO® ACU is a flushing and contact aerosol insecticide. This botanical insecticide features active ingredients derived from the essential oils of plants. EcoPCO® ACU by Zoëcon, a “green” pest control product, offers professionals quick knockdown of a broad spectrum of insects.

  • No residual and no odor contact aerosol
  • Reduced-risk pest control solution with no water setbacks
  • Pin-stream spray reaches up to 8 ft, ideal for wasp control
  • Naturally derived flea and bed bug spray
  • Essential oil formulation
Argentine ants, bed bugs, brown dog ticks, carpenter ants, carpet beetle larvae, cat fleas, cellar spiders, centipedes, European earwigs, field crickets, fire ants, German and American cockroaches, house flies, lady beetles, millipedes, nuisance ants, pantry pests, pillbugs, silverfish, southern house mosquitoes, sowbugs, wolf spiders.
Appliances, baseboards, cabinets, ceilings, doors, floors, moldings, refrigerators, residential food storage areas, sinks, stoves, walls, water pipes, window frames.
Apply naturally derived spray as crack-and-crevice treatment indoors. Shake well before using.


EcoPCO ACU Contact Insecticide Fact Sheet

EcoPCO® ACU Contact Insecticide Fact Sheet

Premise Control Brochure

Premise Control Brochure

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