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Attracting flies two ways, the Musca-Stik™ Sticky Fly Trap has double the power when compared to traditional fly control. The sticky fly paper attracts flies with both its signature Musca-Glo™ orange color as well as with the powerful sex pheromone, Muscalure.


Flies and other listed pests


The easy-to-use disposable fly ribbon is perfect for use indoors, outdoors and in food handling areas, to control flies and other listed pests. Odor-free and insecticide-free, the Musca-Stik™ Sticky Fly Trap is an effective and powerful fly control tool.


  • No toxic chemicals
  • Approved for use around children and pets
  • Double the attraction power
  • Convenient fly control

Available Product Sizes

  • 1 each, 24 inches
Attract & kills flies with the Musca Stik Sticky Fly Traps containing Muscalure; an attractant with disposable fly ribbon. Zoecon & Central Life Science