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Pyronyl™ Crop Spray

Active Ingredients: 6% Pyrethrins, 60% Piperonyl Butoxide
EPA Reg. # 89459-26

This insecticide controls a broad spectrum of insects with dual modes of action featuring pyrethrin and synergist piperonyl butoxide (PBO). Pyronyl™ Crop Spray by Zoëcon offers fly control, mosquito control, and the knockdown of more than 40 flying and crawling pests through a highly concentrated pyrethrin insecticide formulation.

  • Available in large sizes
  • Use alone or tank mixed with another insecticide
  • Broad range of approved use sites including crops
  • Ground and aerial application
Dilution Rate Table
Achemon sphinx moth, alfalfa caterpillar, alfalfa looper, alfalfa weevil, almond moth, Angoumois grain moth, ants, aphids, apple maggot, armyworm, artichoke plume moth, asparagus beetle, bagworm, bean beetle, bean leaf beetle, bed bug, beet armyworm, beet webworm, beetles, biting flies, black widow spider, blister beetle, blossom weevil, blowflies, blueberry maggot, boll weevil, bollworm, boxelder bug, budmoth bug, cabbage looper, cadelle, cankerworm, carpet beetle, carrot rust fly, carrot weevil, caterpillars, centipede, cereal leaf beetle, cherry fruit fly, chigger, chinch bug, cicada, cigarette beetle, clothes moth, clover mite, clover weevil, cockroach, codling moth, Colorado potato beetle, collembola, confused flour beetle, corn borer, corn earworm, corn flea beetle, corn rootworm, corn sap beetle, cotton leaf perforator, crane fly, cricket, cross-striped cabbageworm, cucumber beetle, cutworm, darkling beetle, darkling ground beetle, deer fly, deer tick, diamondback moth caterpillar, digger wasp, Douglas fir tussock moth, dried fruit beetle, drugstore beetle, earwig, eastern tent caterpillar, Egyptian alfalfa weevil, elm bark beetle, elm leaf beetle, European corn borer, European pine tip moth, face fly, fall webworm, fire ants, firebrat, fireworm, flat grain beetle, fleas, flea beetle, flies, forest tent caterpillar, fruit flies, fulgorid, fungus gnat, garden webworm, granary weevil, grape leafhopper, grapeleaf skeletonizer, grasshopper, grapevine root borer, green bug, green cloverworm, green fruitworm, green June beetle, green peach aphid, gypsy moth, harlequin bug, Heliothis, hessian fly, hickory shuckworm, hornet, horn fly, hornworm, horse fly, house fly, Indian meal moth, imported cabbageworm, Japanese beetle, katydid, lace bug, leaf beetle, leaffooted bugs, leafhopper, leafminer, leaf roller, leaftier, lesser cornstalk borer, lesser grain borer, lice, little house fly, loopers, Lygus, maize weevil, mealybug, Mediterranean flour moth, melonworm, merchant grain beetle, Mexican bean beetle, midges, millipede, mosquitoes, mushroom flies, Nantucket pine tip moth, navel orangeworm, nitidulid, oakworm, onion maggot, Oriental fruitmoth, peachtree borer, pear psylla, phorid, pickleworm, pillbug, pine needle miner, pine tube moth, pine weevil, plant bugs, plum curculio, plum moth, potato aphid, potato leafhopper, potato tuberworm, psyllid, range caterpillar, redbanded leafroller, redhumped caterpillar, red flour beetle, rice weevil, rusty grain beetle, sap beetle, saw-toothed grain beetle, sciarids, shield bug, silverfish, skipper, sod webworm, sorghum midge, sowbug, soybean looper, squarenecked grain beetle, spittlebug, springtail, squash beetle, squash bug, squash vine borer, stable fly, stalk borer, stink bug, strawberry mite, strawberry weevil, tabanids, tarnished plant bug, tent caterpillar, thrip, tick, tomato hornworm, tomato pinworm, tortoise beetle, tortrix, tussock moth, velvetbean caterpillar, vinegar flies, walnut caterpillar, wasps, webworm, weevil, whiteflies, woolly bear caterpillar, yellowstriped armyworm, yellow jackets.
Homes, restaurants, food processing plants, industrial installations, warehouses, greenhouses, commercial barns, stables, animal quarters, misting systems, livestock, poultry operations, ornamentals, harvested fruit, hydroponically grown vegetables, grass, turf, crops.
For large volume ULV and liquid applications for the control of mosquitoes, stored product insects, and infestations of crops, ornamentals, greenhouses and livestock and poultry operations.


Pyronyl Crop Spray Fact Sheet

Pyronyl™ Crop Spray Fact Sheet

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