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PBO-8® Synergist

Active Ingredients: 91.3% Piperonyl Butoxide
EPA Reg. #89459-33

This insecticide synergist provides additional power and performance to your Zoëcon insecticide products, allowing for reduced rates and increased knockdown. Featuring piperonyl butoxide, PBO-8® offers a pest control resistance management solution to maintain the effectiveness of your pest management products.

  • Approved for use in food handling areas
  • No known resistance, ideal for pest control resistance management
  • For use in residential dwellings or indoors in commercial or institutional buildings
Dilution Rate Table
Occasional invaders and other listed pests.
Residential dwellings or indoors in commercial or institutional buildings (including food processing and handling areas), turf and ornamentals, crops (including greenhouses and nurseries), on livestock, and livestock housing.
This product may be applied using ground equipment sprayers, hand-held sprayers, power sprayers, foggers, ULV applicators, or by chemigation. Not for use in outdoor residential misting systems.


PBO-8 Fact Sheet

PBO-8® Synergist Fact Sheet

Premise Control Brochure

Premise Control Brochure

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