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Musca-Stik™ & Musca-Stik Jr.™

Equipped with a super sticky fly paper, the Musca-Stik Jr. ™ works like a disposable fly ribbon. This fly stick is discreet, effective and odor free, and can be simply thrown away after use. The insecticide-free fly control solution attracts flies with Muscalure, a fly sex pheromone. This powerful fly attractant draws in more flies than a traditional sticky fly paper, making it an easy choice for effective control.

  • 100% insecticide free
  • Musca-Glo™ orange color attracts flies visually
  • Contains Muscalure to double the attraction power
Flies and other listed pests.
This fly catcher is ideal for use around the home and in food-handling areas, and it can be hung high out of the reach of children and pets.
To catch flies without the use of toxic chemicals, hang the 24-inch Musca-Stik™ or 12-inch Musca-Stik Jr. ™ fly control solutions wherever flies are a problem, indoors and out.


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Premise Control Brochure

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