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Essentria® All Purpose Insect Concentrate

Active Ingredients: 10% Rosemary Oil, 2% Peppermint Oil

EPA Reg. #FIFRA 25(b) Exempt

A 25(b) exempt environmentally friendly pest control solution, Essentria® All Purpose Insect Concentrate is ideal for sensitive application sites, indoors and out. This natural insecticide features a broad-spectrum Octopamine blocker, providing a unique mode of action to repel mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other pests. This botanical insecticide is also a great option for food processing facilities and food handling establishments.

Broad Spectrum Natural Insect Control

While green pest control products continue to be used primarily in residential accounts, PMPs also rely on them for a variety of sensitive accounts, such as flower and vegetable gardens. Essentria® All Purpose Insect Concentrate can be applied as a perimeter spray treatment and on vegetation to provide natural insect control for vegetable gardens. This essential oil insect repellent will effectively keep ticks and other pests out of your clients’ backyards.

  • FIFRA 25(b) exempt botanical insecticide (EPA Registered Insect Repellent)
  • Effective essential oils mosquito repellent option
  • Natural insecticide has no water setbacks
  • Low-odor botanical insecticide
  • Can be used on equipment
Dilution Rate Table
Crawling and flying insect pests, including but not limited to: ants, bed bugs, beetles, cockroaches, cadelles, mites, mealworms, fleas, rice weevils, scorpions, spiders, bees, boxelder bugs, centipedes, crickets, firebrats, millipedes, pillbugs, silverfish, sowbugs, ticks and wasps.

INDOOR USE AREAS: Includes, but is not limited to, apartment buildings, bakeries, beverage plants, bottling facilities, breweries, cafeterias, candy plants, canneries, cereal processing and manufacturing plants, dairy barns, poultry facilities, flour mills, food processing plants, frozen food plants, homes, hospitals, hotels, houses, industrial buildings, kennels, kitchens, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, mausoleums, meat processing and packaging plants, meat and vegetable canneries, motels, nursing homes, office buildings, restaurants, schools, stores, supermarkets, warehouses and similar structures.

OUTDOOR AREAS: Includes, but is not limited to, building foundations, dairy facilities, drive-in restaurants, drive-in theaters, golf courses, parks, playgrounds, poultry houses, recreational.

Can be misted or sprayed as perimeter treatment. Maintain agitation in all spray systems. See Additional Precautionary Statements and Directions for Use.


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Essentria All-Purpose Sell Sheet

Essentria® All Purpose Insect Concentrate Fact Sheet

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