Kitchen infestations present a number of challenges for PMPs and their customers. German cockroaches, drain and fruit flies, stored product pests, and other kitchen insects are difficult to control, and they tend to hide in the many nooks and crannies. For effective control of kitchen insects, learn where to look so you can knock them out at the source:

  • For ants, examine the edges of counters, seams, baseboards, and other elements of construction.
  • For cockroaches, look in cracks and crevices that are close to water and food sources.
  • Small flies breed in drains, rotten vegetable matter, and disposal lines. Note that they can also emerge from sewer areas through drain traps and improperly sealed toilets.
  • Check for stored product pests in packaged and spilled food items and organic debris.

From client tips to treatment hacks, download our protocol guide below to boost control power and reduce callbacks at kitchen accounts.

Time to treat!

Gentrol® products, featuring the IGR (S)-hydroprene, have delivered responsible solutions with bottom line results you can see since 1984. The Gentrol® product line is approved for use in very sensitive locations such as food handling establishments, thanks to a low-toxicity profile.

With a translocating active ingredient that continues to move after application, you can trust Gentrol® IGR Concentrate to control insects in hard-to-reach locations. Using IGR technology, Gentrol® IGR Concentrate is an insurance policy to prevent rebounds, future reinfestations, and callbacks.