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Starbar® Lure-Fly™ Catchers

With an effective sticky fly paper, cost-effective Lure-Fly® Catchers offer fly control made simple. The easy-to-hang disposable fly ribbon attracts and kills nuisance flies, indoors and out, making it a low-maintenance solution.


Flies and other listed pests


Hang the Lure-Fly® Catchers anywhere flies are a problem, indoors and out. Just toss it out when you’re done!


  • 100% insecticide free
  • Sticky fly paper kills flies and other listed pests
  • Easy to hang
  • Disposable

Available Product Sizes

  • 100 ribbons per pack
For effective fly control choose Starbar Lure Fly Catchers; fly attractants in the form of sticky paper with disposable ribbon. Zoecon