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Pyronyl™ Fogging PF Insecticide

Get fly control and mosquito control inside buildings, structures and on modes of transport with Pyronyl™ Fogging PF Insecticide. This combination of pyrethrin insecticide and synergist piperonyl butoxide (PBO) offers quick knockdown of several flying and crawling insect pest species.

Active Ingredients:

  • Pyrethrins (CAS #8003-34-7) 0.5%
  • Piperonyl Butoxide, Technical (CAS #51-03-6) 5.0%


Mushroom flies, fungus gnats, flies, mosquitoes and other listed pests


Use Pyronyl™ Fogging PF Insecticide as a fogger, space spray or contact spray for indoor pest control. The Zoëcon insecticide is approved for the control of mushroom flies and fungus gnats in mushroom production and processing facilities, and it can also provide pest control within food processing facilities when not in operation. Finally, Pyronyl™ Fogging PF Insecticide can also be applied as a livestock fly spray directly on animal.


  • Direct on-animal application
  • Protects beef cattle, dairy cattle and horses from horn flies, house flies, mosquitoes and gnats
  • Controls stable flies, horn flies and deer flies on beef cattle, dairy cattle and horses
  • Works as space and direct contact spray
  • Efficient dosage at 1 oz. per 1,000 cubic feet of space

Available Product Sizes

  • 1 gal bottle
  • 5 gal bottle
  • 55 gal drum
EPA Reg. #89459-30
Pyronyl Fogging PF Insecticide offers both mosquito & fly control. A pyrethrin insecticide & livestock spray for pest control in food processing. Zoecon