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Beetles vary drastically across species as there are nearly 12,000 different kinds in the US and more than 300,000 in the world. Beetles can adapt to all types of habitats from land to fresh water, typically living where they eat. So, that means if they have found a food source, they are likely to stay close by. The average lifespan for most beetles is one year.

Zoëcon® Products Treat: spider beetles, cigarette beetles, nuisance beetles, lady beetles, carpet beetles (including their larvae), carrion beetles, darkling beetles, hide beetles, litter beetles, blister beetles, cucumber beetle, flea beetles, Japanese beetles, Mexican bean beetles, sap beetles, Asian lady beetles, Elm leaf beetles, Bean beetles, Colorado potato beetles , Anobiid beetles, Deathwatch beetles, Bark beetles, False powder post beetles, Wood-infesting beetles, Ambrosia beetles, Asparagus beetles, Elm bark beetles, Flat grain beetles and Rusty grain beetles.