ProBait® Ant Bait

The answer to tough ant and fire ant problems, ProBait® Ant Bait is a fast-acting bait that starts killing immediately after ingestion.

Active Ingredients:

  • Hydramethylnon (CAS #67485-29-4) 0.73%


Fire ants, harvester, bigheaded, Argentine ants and other listed pests


Apply to residential turf and landscapes, parks, golf courses


  • Controls imported and native fire ants, plus harvester, bigheaded and Argentine ants
  • Contains 0.73% Hydramethylnon for fast results
  • Kills ants immediately after ingestion

Available Product Sizes

  • 4.5 lb bottle
  • 25 lb container
EPA Reg. #73342-1-2724
Probait Fire Ant Bait offers professional fire ant control with active ingredient Hydramethylnon. Kill ants with this fast-acting bait. Zoecon